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a palm of the banana family, by using a row of huge leaves with the crown. árvore do viajante ravenala pisang kipas 야자수 나무의 일종 ต้นปาล์มตระกูลกล้วย 旅人蕉 旅人蕉

air travel, aviation, air - travel by way of aircraft; "air travel involves excessive ready in airports"; "if you've time for you to spare go by air"

movement, shift, motion - the act of fixing locale from 1 place to a different; "police managed the motion of the crowd"; "the motion of people with the farms on the cities"; "his move set him instantly in my route"

I haven't got travel coverage → لَيْسَ لَدَيَّ تَأْمِيـنٌ في السَفَرِ → Nemám cestovní pojištění → Jeg har ikke rejseforsikring → Ich habe keine Reiseversicherung → Δεν έχω ταξιδιωτική ασφάλεια → No tengo seguro de viaje → Minulla ei ole matkavakuutusta → Je n'ai pas d'assurance voyage → Nemam putno osiguranje → Non ho un'assicurazione di viaggio → 私は旅行保険に入っていません → 나는 여행자 보험에 들지 않았어요 → Ik heb geen reisverzekering → Jeg har ikke reiseforsikring → Nie mam ubezpieczenia turystycznego → Eu não tenho seguro de viagem → У меня нет туристической страховки → Jag har ingen reseförsäkring → ฉันไม่มีประกันการเดินทาง → Seyahat sigortam yok → Tôi không có bảo hiểm du lịch → 我没有旅行保险

In a very region recognized for extremes, a newcomer to wine tastings explores a mainly experimental and totally free-spirited vineyard scene.

the visiting of foreign international locations etc. She's off on her travels all over again. reise رِحْلات أو زِيارات إلى بِلادٍ أجْنَبِيَّه пътешествия viagens cesty die Reise rejser ταξίδια (πληθ.) viajes, de viaje reisid مسافرت؛ سیاحت matkat voyage נְסִיעוֹת यात्रा putovanja utazás lawatan ferðalag, heimshornaflakk viaggi, viaggio 旅行 해외 여행 kelionės ceļojums melancong reizenreiser, reisevirksomhet podróże مسافرت ، سیاحت viagens călă­torii поездки cesty popotovanja putovanja resor การท่องเที่ยว seyahat, yolculuk 旅行 подорож, мандрівка دورہ، سفر đi du lịch nước ngoài 旅行

you are going to never guess who I achieved on my travels right now! → ¡no te vas a imaginar or simply a que no sabes con quién me he topado en la calle hoy!

functioning, operate - the act of operating; traveling on foot at a fast tempo; "he broke right into a operate"; "his everyday run keeps him in good shape"

to travel by vehicle/educate/bus (limited journeys) → ir en coche/tren/autobús; (longer journeys) → viajar en coche/tren/autobús

journey - be carried or travel on or in a very automobile; "I experience to operate within a bus"; "He rides the subway downtown on a daily basis"

I get travel-Ill (UK) → أُعاني مِنْ دوارُ البَحْرِ → Trpím kinetózou → Jeg fileår køresyge → Ich leide an Reisekrankheit → Έχω ναυτία → Me mareo cuando viajo → Minulla on matkapahoinvointia → J'ai le mal des transports → Povraća mi se u vožnji → Soffro di mal d'car → 私は乗り物酔いします → 멀미를 해요 → Ik heb final van reisziekte → Jeg lider av reisesyke → Mam chorobę lokomocyjną → Eu sofro de enjôo em viagens → Меня укачивает → Jag blir åksjuk → ฉันเมารถ → Seyahat bulantım var → Tôi bị say tàu xe → 我晕车/晕机

arrive, occur up - move toward, travel toward something or somebody or solution some thing or any individual; "He came singing in the future"; "Come with me towards the Casbah"; "come down here!"; "occur out with the closet!"; "appear in to the room"

During the late 16th century it turned stylish for younger European aristocrats and wealthy upper course Adult males to travel to substantial European metropolitan areas as portion of their education and learning during the arts and literature.

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